The Pancake House ...



Established in 1974 by Marie-Christine Le Droff , the Saint-Come pancake house team welcomes you in this ancient restored farmhouse. After having taken over the family business in 1997 , it's now her son Pierre Le Droff who ensures that each one of your visits brings you complete satisfaction.

The kitchen side ...


The chef & his sous-chef both qualified with a « pancake-maker degree » strive to hold on to the traditional Breton pancake « savoir faire » and endeavor to select the best fresh local produce , cooked with their skill.Ingredients such as:( foie gras – tomato compote – leeks fondu – salted butter caramel – chocolate , jams ) , in order to guarantee a high quality simple & authentic « cuisine » .

A great care has been given in the choice of the ingredients ; so are selected , among others , the best wheat flour & buckwheat « bio » , stone milled at the Gwenves Farm (Ploneour Lanvern) , bio eggs , churn butter « Le Gall » , goat cheese & Menez-Hom ( Saint Nic ) , Tome du Nevet (Plogonnec).



Crêpes de la crêperie de saint Côme Saint Nic baie de douarnenez finistère bretagne



We serve a variety of Breton »home-made ciders and home- brewed beers.



- Organic farmer cider : « Roz Ar Vern » ( Telgruc S/Mer)


- Home-made raw cider sweet apple cider & apple juice « Kerné (Pouldreuzic)


- Royal cider « Guilvic » ( Red Label)


- Sparkling apple juice Nicol cider ( Surzur)


- Black beer ( Gwiniz Du) Britt Brewery (Tregune)


- Beers from the « Bout du Monde Brewery »


For children , we have the Breton Breiz Cola replacing the famous Coca Cola.